Detox To Beat Acne?

Acne is thought, by natural practitioners, to be as a result of an accumulation of toxins in the body. As a result, a regular cleansing or fast is considered beneficial in the treatment of acne. Fasting rids the body of toxins and can reset it.A complete fast is very tough and so many people choose fruit fasts instead. The big advantage is that you get a bunch of added nutrients. Before embarking on such a fast though, you need to get medical advice.

You should fast for a maximum of 3 days, no longer, Some people have one day a week that they fast and find that this is ample. Fast when your system feels sluggish or when you are having a lot of acne outbreaks. A fruit fast is easy to follow and easier on the sytem than a complete fast. Eat a variety of fruit so that you get the full benefit – just make sure that it is all raw and try to eat the peels as well when you can. Make sure that you use organic fruits or scrub well before eating.
You should avoid drinking anything other than water during this fast. http://www.proacnetiv.com/ says that drink at least two liters of filtered water a day to ensure that you do not get thirsty and do not dehydrate. The water is essential in getting the toxins out of your system. If plain water doesn’t appeal to you, flavour it with mint and slices of fruit – add plenty of ice and really enjoy.

Avoid fasting during a hectic time in your life. Ideally you should do this over a weekend because you can feel lousy when the detoxification is in full swing. You are liable to feel sleepy, lethargic and will, more than likely, get headaches. Your tongue may feel furry and your skin is likely to breakout – these are all signs that the toxins are leaving your system.

During this time period, you need to carry on with your normal skin care regimen. Get creative and get the full benefit of the fruit by using the inside peel of fruits such as bananas and papayas for a skin boost. Start with a small test patch first – pineapples, for example, have lots of enzymes beneficial to the skin but may cause a reaction.

Use this time for a complete rest – catch up on your sleep and relax. You may be more subject to feeling cold so be sure to wrap up warmly if needed. Let your skin breathe without any makeup. Initially, this process may be unpleasant but the results are well worth the effort.