Dealing With My Teenage Acne

Acne is a stubborn bodily imperfection that almost everyone has to deal with sooner or later in their lives. Acne can range from a couple of non-noticeable red bumps to many different sized dark red bumps that can go on to cause craters and deep scars within the skin. One of the most common times in one’s life that they are the most prone to getting acne breakouts happen to be within their teenage years. Whether it be from improper hygiene practices or from natural body changes such as puberty and chemical imbalances within the body, nobody wants to be stuck with acne.

I personally had to deal with acne during my formative teenage years. Not only was my body constantly changing and adjusting to the new chemicals within my body because of puberty, but I also had natural problems because of my body traits. I am Hispanic, and genetics gave me darker skin with oily hair (oily hair became almost an evolutionary trait for us, because where my family came from, having the natural oil in their hair helped protect them from the sun’s rays. Too bad it did not save them from acne!) so my face was always prone to breaking out very badly. There was a certain spot, namely my forehead, where my acne was unbearable for even myself to look at, and it killed my confidence to go anywhere.

Having longer hair was the “in” style for boys at the time, so I naturally had longer hair that went down to my eyebrows. With my hair being oily though, this made my forehead into an acne breeding ground. Every time I had moved my hair to the side, you could see the red splotches and bumps all over it. I can tell you one thing, from then on, I have always got my hair fully shaved off. There is no way I could possibly live with that much acne because of hair again. Nowadays I do not have a single bump of acne on my forehead, and I would like to contribute that to cutting my hair and forming wonderful hygiene practices.

That does not mean that I am fully acne free now though, my skin is still prone to growing random pimples and outbreaks every now and then. But it will never be as bad as when I grew my hair out. I now practice good hygiene to make sure that I will never have to worry about major acne breakouts again.